QTH Locator - KN22JD

Plovdiv - Bulgaria
Wednesday 24.07.2024

Hello, my name is Lachizar.

LZ5PN is my amateur radio call sign in Bulgaria.

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About me:

I’m born in Plovdiv Bulgaria on 12 Jul 1963.

My hobby's are, electronics, radio communication, computers and servers.

When I started to work with computer networks and the Internet, I got tips from network administrators to get in touch with Linux. I try and… That was unbelievable. I can do almost everything with this operating system. In 2004, I released my first Linux Apache MySQL Php server (LAMP) under Ubuntu Linux and my first web site of my own hosting. It works until now. The hosting computer has changed and I finally changed the operating system from Ubuntu Linux to Linux Mint, but there is nothing eternal. Hardware and software are developing ... so there is no way ... changes are needed.

On 22 June 2000 I received my first radio amateur registration in Bulgaria with the call sign LZ5PN.
On 30 June 2011 I received my registration as a radio amateur in England with a call sign M0GYU.

So, I work with both call signs depending on which country I am in.

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